Mental Health & Wellbeing Training raises awareness of ill-mental health (particularly stress, depression and anxiety), and provides  you and your workforce with the tools and guidance for daily wellbeing-management, and aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.


Happy staff equal healthier, more productive and more successful staff. Simply put, good mental health is a win-win for every employee and their organisation.

Remove Stigma Of Mental Health

Comply with Current Legislation

Positive Workforce Engagement

Raise Awareness

Encourages Workforce Care

Innovation In Learning


Our Mental Health & Wellbeing courses clarify what resilience is and how important resilience is to maintaining employee wellbeing and fulfilling their role. Designed and facilitated by Psychologists, our Mental Health and Wellbeing  in the Workplace Training is available at both employee and manager levels.


Managers undertaking training will understand what legislative requirements apply to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace as applicable to their role and responsibilities as a manager. The methods and techniques used to effectively deal with situations of mental un-wellness are also addressed to build skills and confidence in responding to an affected team member.


Responsibilities for employees are properly defined, with instructions on how to identify mental ill health, how to respond and what can be done to assist a fellow team member.


Mental Ill Health and Well-Being in the Workplace Training is available for all company members, including employees and managers. Our programmes are available through on-site delivery, public training and eLearning.


Eternal Balance are proud to play our part in building an even more caring and  forward-thinking business community in Scotland.



1. Understand the importance of a mentally healthy workplace

2. Identify behaviours and patterns of mental health in workplace environments, and what actions can be taken to assist those affected

3. Clarify what resilience is and how important resilience is to maintaining employee wellbeing and fulfilling their role

4. Understand and comply with relevant Mental Health legislative requirements

5. Understand how to communicate about mental ill health

6. Identify why mental health resilience is important to the person and in the workplace

7. Identify ways to improve well-being and the ability to cope with challenges


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